Top 5 BEST Handheld Game Console of (2021)

 Most people rely on smartphone apps to pass the time, but your iPhone or Android definitely weren't built for gaming. These handheld game consoles are, and they make for a great distraction. They have better battery life, actual buttons, and tons of games that can keep you occupied for hours. With four portable video game consoles on its roster, Nintendo is dominating the handheld space.

Here in the video below are all the best handheld game consoles that are worth considering to keep you entertained on the go.

Links to the Best Handheld Game Consoles 2021 we listed in this video:

 ➜1. Nintendo Switch 

➜ 2. Sony PlayStation Vita 

➜ 3. GDP XD Plus  

➜ 4. Nintendo Switch Lite

➜ 5. New Nintendo 2DS XL

 We have selected the top 5 best handheld game consoles 2021. In 5th place is the New Nintendo 2DS XL, our pick for the best budget handheld game console. In 4th place is the Nintendo Switch Lite, our pick for the best value handheld game console. In 3rd place is the GDP XD Plus, our pick for the best emulator handheld game console. In 2nd place is the Sony PlayStation Vita, our pick for the best premium handheld game console. In 1st place is the Nintendo Switch, our pick for the best overall handheld game console.

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